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Distances from Qurayyat

Distances from Qurayyat to the largest cities and places in Saudi Arabia. Have a closer look at the distances from Qurayyat to the largest places in Saudi Arabia.

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Distances from Qurayyat to the largest places in Saudi Arabia
Tubarjal Ţubarjal1.40,019125 km 77 mishow
Turayf Ţurayf2.40,819131 km 81 mishow
Sakakah Sakakah3.128,332313 km 195 mishow
Suwayr Şuwayr4.8,515321 km 200 mishow
Tabuk Tabuk5.455,450335 km 208 mishow
'Ar'ar ‘Ar‘ar6.148,540354 km 220 mishow
Duba Duba7.22,000471 km 293 mishow
Al 'Ula Al ‘Ulá8.32,413529 km 329 mishow
Al Wajh Al Wajh9.26,636573 km 356 mishow
Ha'il Ha'il10.267,005598 km 372 mishow
Umm Lajj Umm Lajj11.33,874703 km 437 mishow
Al Fuwayliq Al Fuwayliq12.5,205792 km 492 mishow
Sultanah Sulţānah13.946,697793 km 493 mishow
Medina Medina14.1,300,000796 km 495 mishow
Yanbu Yanbu15.200,161810 km 503 mishow
Tanumah Tanūmah16.13,594811 km 504 mishow
Hajrat al Khinbish Ḩajrat al Khinbish17.1,488843 km 524 mishow
Al Bukayriyah Al Bukayrīyah18.25,153845 km 525 mishow
Badr Hunayn Badr Ḩunayn19.27,257853 km 530 mishow
Buraydah Buraydah20.391,336854 km 530 mishow
Ar Rass Ar Rass21.81,728855 km 531 mishow
Unaizah Unaizah22.163,729873 km 543 mishow
Al Mithnab Al Mithnab23.60,870907 km 564 mishow
Al Qaysumah Al Qayşūmah24.20,685912 km 567 mishow
Alrmtheiah Alrmtheiah25.1,000918 km 570 mishow
Az Zulfi Az Zulfi26.53,144919 km 571 mishow
Al Artawiyah Al Arţāwīyah27.9,152947 km 588 mishow
Rabigh Rābigh28.41,759965 km 600 mishow
Sajir Sājir29.11,717987 km 613 mishow
`Afif ‘Afīf30.40,648993 km 617 mishow
Ad Dawadimi Ad Dawādimī31.54,4741,028 km 639 mishow
Tumayr Tumayr32.8,2461,043 km 648 mishow
Marat Marāt33.8,8851,058 km 657 mishow
Al Muwayh Al Muwayh34.7,3641,083 km 673 mishow
Jeddah Jeddah35.2,867,4461,106 km 687 mishow
Al Jumum Al Jumūm36.22,2071,107 km 688 mishow
Al Khafji Al Khafjī37.54,8571,123 km 698 mishow
Mecca Mecca38.1,323,6241,130 km 702 mishow
Al Hada Al Hadā39.6,8851,148 km 713 mishow
Ta'if Ta’if40.530,8481,161 km 722 mishow
shokhaib shokhaibٍ41.1,5001,162 km 722 mishow
As Saffaniyah As Saffānīyah42.7,0141,163 km 723 mishow
Mulayjah Mulayjah43.5,2471,166 km 725 mishow
Ash Shafa Ash Shafā44.72,1901,180 km 733 mishow
Riyadh Riyadh45.4,205,9611,181 km 734 mishow
Turabah Turabah46.23,2351,205 km 749 mishow
Ad Dilam Ad Dilam47.35,3711,266 km 787 mishow
Al Jubayl Al Jubayl48.237,2741,289 km 801 mishow
Al Mindak Al Mindak49.9,2181,305 km 811 mishow
Al Bahah Al Bāḩah50.88,4191,326 km 824 mishow

1 - 50 of 92 places
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