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Distances from Riyadh

Distances from Riyadh to the largest cities and places in Saudi Arabia. Have a closer look at the distances from Riyadh to the largest places in Saudi Arabia.

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Distances from Riyadh to the largest places in Saudi Arabia
shokhaib shokhaibٍ1.1,50051 km 32 mishow
Ad Dilam Ad Dilam2.35,37190 km 56 mishow
Marat Marāt3.8,885134 km 83 mishow
Tumayr Tumayr4.8,246142 km 88 mishow
Sajir Sājir5.11,717221 km 137 mishow
Ad Dawadimi Ad Dawādimī6.54,474237 km 147 mishow
Al Artawiyah Al Arţāwīyah7.9,152245 km 152 mishow
Az Zulfi Az Zulfi8.53,144263 km 163 mishow
Al Mithnab Al Mithnab9.60,870284 km 176 mishow
Al Hufuf Al Hufūf10.293,179297 km 184 mishow
Al Mutayrifi Al Muţayrifī11.5,962299 km 186 mishow
Al Mubarraz Al Mubarraz12.290,802299 km 186 mishow
Al Qurayn Al Qurayn13.12,013303 km 189 mishow
Julayjilah Julayjilah14.5,359304 km 189 mishow
Al Battaliyah Al Baţţālīyah15.16,606305 km 190 mishow
Al Jubayl Al Jubayl16.9,108306 km 190 mishow
Al Munayzilah Al Munayzilah17.16,296307 km 191 mishow
Al Qarah Al Qārah18.9,106308 km 191 mishow
At Taraf Aţ Ţaraf19.21,386312 km 194 mishow
Al Jafr Al Jafr20.8,715312 km 194 mishow
Al Markaz Al Markaz21.6,464314 km 195 mishow
Unaizah Unaizah22.163,729315 km 196 mishow
Abqaiq Abqaiq23.29,474328 km 204 mishow
Buraydah Buraydah24.391,336331 km 206 mishow
Mulayjah Mulayjah25.5,247334 km 208 mishow
Al Bukayriyah Al Bukayrīyah26.25,153348 km 216 mishow
Ar Rass Ar Rass27.81,728350 km 218 mishow
Tanumah Tanūmah28.13,594373 km 232 mishow
Alrmtheiah Alrmtheiah29.1,000381 km 237 mishow
Hajrat al Khinbish Ḩajrat al Khinbish30.1,488383 km 238 mishow
Dhahran Dhahran31.99,540385 km 239 mishow
Al Awjam Al Awjām32.11,460385 km 239 mishow
Umm as Sahik Umm as Sāhik33.11,813388 km 241 mishow
At Tubi At Tūbī34.7,740389 km 242 mishow
Sayhat Sayhāt35.66,702389 km 242 mishow
Al Qatif Al Qaţīf36.98,259389 km 242 mishow
Safwa Şafwá37.45,876391 km 243 mishow
Dammam Dammam38.768,602391 km 243 mishow
Al Jubayl Al Jubayl39.237,274392 km 243 mishow
Khobar Khobar40.165,799393 km 244 mishow
Tarut Tārūt41.85,371393 km 245 mishow
`Afif ‘Afīf42.40,648396 km 246 mishow
Al Fuwayliq Al Fuwayliq43.5,205399 km 248 mishow
Rahimah Raḩīmah44.41,188404 km 251 mishow
Al Qaysumah Al Qayşūmah45.20,685408 km 253 mishow
As Saffaniyah As Saffānīyah46.7,014417 km 259 mishow
Al Khafji Al Khafjī47.54,857453 km 282 mishow
As Sulayyil As Sulayyil48.24,097485 km 301 mishow
Al Muwayh Al Muwayh49.7,364565 km 351 mishow
Ha'il Ha'il50.267,005594 km 369 mishow

1 - 50 of 92 places
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