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Largest places in Saudi Arabia

The largest cities and places in Saudi Arabia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Saudi Arabia.

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Largest places in Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Riyadh1.Ar Riyad Ar Riyāḑ4,205,961
Jeddah Jeddah2.Makkah Makkah2,867,446
Mecca Mecca3.Makkah Makkah1,323,624
Medina Medina4.Al Madinah al Munawwarah Al Madīnah al Munawwarah1,300,000
Sultanah Sulţānah5.Al Madinah al Munawwarah Al Madīnah al Munawwarah946,697
Dammam Dammam6.Eastern Province Eastern Province768,602
Ta'if Ta’if7.Makkah Makkah530,848
Tabuk Tabuk8.Mintaqat Tabuk Minţaqat Tabūk455,450
Buraydah Buraydah9.Al-Qassim Al-Qassim391,336
Khamis Mushait Khamis Mushait10.Mintaqat `Asir Minţaqat ‘Asīr387,553
Al Hufuf Al Hufūf11.Eastern Province Eastern Province293,179
Al Mubarraz Al Mubarraz12.Eastern Province Eastern Province290,802
Ha'il Ha'il13.Mintaqat Ha'il Ḩāʼil267,005
Najran Najrān14.Najran Najrān258,573
Al Jubayl Al Jubayl15.Eastern Province Eastern Province237,274
Abha Abha16.Mintaqat `Asir Minţaqat ‘Asīr210,886
Yanbu Yanbu17.Al Madinah al Munawwarah Al Madīnah al Munawwarah200,161
Khobar Khobar18.Eastern Province Eastern Province165,799
Unaizah Unaizah19.Al-Qassim Al-Qassim163,729
'Ar'ar ‘Ar‘ar20.Northern Borders Northern Borders148,540
Sakakah Sakakah21.Al Jawf Al Jawf128,332
Jizan Jizan22.Jizan Jizan105,198
Qurayyat Qurayyat23.Al Jawf Al Jawf102,903
Dhahran Dhahran24.Eastern Province Eastern Province99,540
Al Qatif Al Qaţīf25.Eastern Province Eastern Province98,259
Al Bahah Al Bāḩah26.Mintaqat al Bahah Minţaqat al Bāḩah88,419
Tarut Tārūt27.Eastern Province Eastern Province85,371
Qal`at Bishah Qal‘at Bīshah28.Mintaqat `Asir Minţaqat ‘Asīr81,828
Ar Rass Ar Rass29.Al-Qassim Al-Qassim81,728
Ash Shafa Ash Shafā30.Makkah Makkah72,190
Sayhat Sayhāt31.Eastern Province Eastern Province66,702
Al Mithnab Al Mithnab32.Al-Qassim Al-Qassim60,870
Al Khafji Al Khafjī33.Eastern Province Eastern Province54,857
Ad Dawadimi Ad Dawādimī34.Ar Riyad Ar Riyāḑ54,474
Sabya Şabyā35.Jizan Jizan54,108
Az Zulfi Az Zulfi36.Ar Riyad Ar Riyāḑ53,144
Abu `Arish Abū ‘Arīsh37.Jizan Jizan49,171
Safwa Şafwá38.Eastern Province Eastern Province45,876
Rabigh Rābigh39.Makkah Makkah41,759
Rahimah Raḩīmah40.Eastern Province Eastern Province41,188
Turayf Ţurayf41.Northern Borders Northern Borders40,819
`Afif ‘Afīf42.Ar Riyad Ar Riyāḑ40,648
Tubarjal Ţubarjal43.Al Jawf Al Jawf40,019
Ad Dilam Ad Dilam44.Ar Riyad Ar Riyāḑ35,371
Umm Lajj Umm Lajj45.Mintaqat Tabuk Minţaqat Tabūk33,874
Al 'Ula Al ‘Ulá46.Al Madinah al Munawwarah Al Madīnah al Munawwarah32,413
Abqaiq Abqaiq47.Eastern Province Eastern Province29,474
Badr Hunayn Badr Ḩunayn48.Al Madinah al Munawwarah Al Madīnah al Munawwarah27,257
Samitah Şāmitah49.Jizan Jizan26,945
Al Wajh Al Wajh50.Mintaqat Tabuk Minţaqat Tabūk26,636

1 - 50 of 93 places
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